Artist Statement




My work is about function and pattern. It is important for the pieces to be dynamic: to stand out in a world full of everyday objects but to also invite familiarity and intimate use. I am interested in the relationship between history, it’s grand traditions and our small everyday experiences.

            I have always been an organizer. I’m attracted to brick buildings, tiled roofs and knit cloth. For similar reasons I find myself attracted to Islamic tile and pottery, Persian painting and historical architecture. The patterns on the surfaces of my work are influenced by this interest in symmetry and the organization of like pieces. At first the patterns were an answer to a question. “How do I activate the surface, to make these understated yet elegant forms seem less static?” Inevitably more questions follow. “What if I split the rim, end a curve here, adjust the foot this way, start a pattern from this point, in this color?” With the answer to each of these questions, visual meanings arise. Through the varying quality of a hand drawn line, repetition of shapes and the addition of bright colors, the comfortable forms become more engaging. It’s about bringing an everyday object to the foreground.